Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's your good news?

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In last week’s eNewsletter, Joan Stewart said TV news producers are also sick of all the bad news.

She quotes her friend, TV producer Shawne Duperon, “TV people are sick of all the gloom and doom."

Joan encourages companies and publicists to pitch good news.

How about it?

What’s your good news story I can pitch to the media. Dallas, your local community or even to national news outlets.

Do you sell or make a product that’s doing well in this economy?

Have you creatively cut costs so that you don’t have to let any employees go?

How are you motivating your employees during this recession?

Do you have a product that can help folks ease their stress during these difficult times?

Are there any communities rallying together and helping themselves?

Do you have a story that will inspire viewers?

Let me hear your story! I’d love to pitch some good news. Contact me at lori at lbpublicrelations dot com.

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