Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What do you hold tightly today?

I subscribe to Mary DeMuth's monthly newsletter, "Inside Renewal." Mary is a Christian writer and provides some great encouragement.

I thought this prayer would work for various independent contractors, like me, who have to constantly market themselves to secure business.

May God bless you and your business today!

From a recent newsletter from Mrs. DeMuth...

What do you hold tightly today?

Is it something you created? A book, a piece of art, your job?

Is it worry about finances or your future?

Is it a troubled relationship? (Perhaps with a client?)

I can't guarantee you'll love the outcome if you pray this prayer, but I can say that in praying it I've experienced peace, knowing the Sovereign God of the Universe, the One who flung the stars into existence, is big enough to carry the things I clutch to myself.


Dear Jesus, I give You _________________. I humble myself before You, believing You are bigger than me, that You are more than capable to handle my burdens. I don't know what the outcome of me giving up control of __________________ will be, but even so, I open my fist and let You grab it (or the person) from me. I want Your will. I want Your presence. I need Your strength. Please take this burden today and use it in my life for Your glory. Help me to entrust _____________ to You even when things seem dark. I trust You. At least I try. But help me to trust You today. Right now. I give it up. Amen.

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