Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home is Where the Job Is Cont.

Mothering Magazine
"Home is Where the Job Is" by Laura Ulrich March April, 2009
Continued review and comments…

- Getting physical distance from your work helps moms stay present with their children. Yes, a walk to the park is great for allowing me to be fully present with my daughter.

- Sometimes you just have to let something go. "Don't apologize. Be happy with the work you've gotten done and the time you've spent with your child, and just let the rest go."

- Be mindful of the phrase, "Just a minute, mama's working." Abide by it. If you don't you are teaching your child that work comes before them. There have been a few times when my daughter's pleading eyes have reminded me to push away from the computer and go be with her. The work still gets done. Just not right then.

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