Monday, August 25, 2008

Media Hit!

WFAA - Good Morning Texas

I'm honored that I have a strong enough relationship with one of the producers at Good Morning Texas that she'll contact me when she has an opening. I suggested a "Get Organized for Back to School" segment with an acquaintance, Nancy Pelman of Helping Hands Personal Services.

Nancy provided tips on how parents can manage the mountain-load of paper work that follows kids home. She also provided tips on managing the family calendar and making school mornings less stressful.

Here's the segment.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Life Wonder Women: Mompreneurs

Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur blog and support group recently posted a six part article by Guest blogger: Christine Janssen (written with Erin Higgins), denken Research & Consulting.

“Real Life Wonder Women” is about Mompreneurs.

You can read the entire article on Traci’s Blog.

Here are some points that really stood out for me.
  • In their own right, being a new business owner and a new mother are some of the greatest challenges any woman can face. Doing both at the same time requires a certain set of skills and characteristics including lots of determination, patience, and multi-tasking. A lot of prayer helped me!
  • Today, a large percentage of new moms are highly educated, ambitious career women and want to be professionally challenged, so they are finding ways to stay connected with the business world.
  • When asked to explain a day in the life of a mompreneur, we found these women to be extremely organized and they crammed an incredible amount of tasks into each day, constantly swapping hats. Most do this methodically; seamlessly switching from “mom mode” to “work mode.”
  • ...the thrill of small accomplishments. Signing on a new client or finally grasping the ins and outs of SEO were positive reinforcements that they were moving in the right direction. Another one for me it's securing a media hit for my clients!
  • Remind yourself that most people spend their lives in jobs/careers that they absolutely despise. Be grateful that you are wise enough to follow your heart and your passion.

I am very thankful for my husband and my clients who support me in being a work-from-home-mom!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Blogging Success Story: Author Carol Platt Liebau

On my personal blog, I reviewed the book, Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (And America, Too!).

Well, the author of Prude, Carol Platt Liebau, read my review and emailed me shortly after I posted that blog. I was so honored and amazed that the author contacted me!

Carol saw that I am a publicist, reviewed my website and professional blog and asked we could talk because she “had some projects in the works.”

After a few emails and phone conversations, Carol Platt Leibau is now my client!

What an amazing blog success story. I’ve been contracted to do some media relations for her and have already secured her a couple of interviews.

One of my first projects was to help Carol create an on-line press kit. You can click here to see all the media she’s already secured for herself and her book.

So, if you need an expert to comment on America’s sex-saturated culture, lessons the culture teaches girls (from Black Canary Barbie to "Gossip Girl”), Teen pregnancy including the Gloucester, Mass., pregnancy pact, contact me at lori at lbpublicrelations dot com.

Not only is Carol Platt Liebau a culture commentator, she’s also a political commentator. She has guest hosted the Hugh Hewitt national radio show and can provide the following

Political Analysis & Commentary:

  • Presidential election 2008

  • US Senate campaigns, 2008

  • The Barack Obama I Knew

  • Women in the Political Process 2008

  • A New Agenda for Conservatives

  • Rescuing the GOP

Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (And America, Too!)
Prude is an in-depth look at the forces telling young women that being sexy trumps intelligence and character every time. For those who aren't aware of just how sexualized teen-oriented fashion, reading, movies, television and music have become and why, it's a wake-up call. For parents who want their daughters to understand the physical, emotional and psychological dangers of giving too much, too soon, it puts all the facts at their fingertips. And for anyone who cares about the impact that teen sexuality has on America's economic and social life -- and believes it's time for a more wholesome teen culture -- it's a call to arms.