Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home is Where the Job Is

I'd like to thank the editors of Mothering Magazine and writer Laura Ulrich for publishing an article about work-at-home-moms in the March-April, 2009 issue.

"Home is Where the Job Is" by Laura Ulrich March April, 2009

Here are some tid-bits I appreciate from the article:

- I love this point: "I believe our culture does mothers a disservice by posing working and mothering as an either/or proposition. But we were made to multi-task: for those of us who choose it, working at home allows us to integrate our lives in a wonderful way."

"The amazing part is, while they mother their children, many work-at-home moms are achieving spectacular things in their work lives too."
Yes, I've secured media hits for my clients in Time magazine, The Today Show, all of the Dallas TV stations (sometimes at 4 in the morning) from my humble lap-top in the home office my dear husband created for me.

"The more we as mother stake ownership of the right to integrate our lives, the more society at large will evolve to support such work arrangements." The writer doesn't apologize when her son makes a noise and she's conducting an interview. Like other WAHMs, I've been complimented that it's really neat that I can work and be with my child. A lot of them wish they had that option.

In posts below, I continue my review of this wonderful article by Laura Ulrich.

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