Tuesday, January 27, 2009

WOVI, Frisco Upcoming Events

I belong to a women's mentoring/networking group called Women of Visionary Influence, WOVI. I attend the Frisco chapter meetings. We meet the 4th Monday of every month at Blue Mesa Grill.

I have had the privledge of booking the speakers for this first part of the year.

Last night I was delighted to meet Courtney Warren, a social worker turned card designer. She and her presentation were as bubbly and delightful as her cards. Courtney encouraged us to slow down and communicate our love to family and friends. She even gave us a couple of her new Valentine cards to give to loved ones.

I enjoy attending WOVI meetings because WOVI isn't your typical surface-level networking group. At the end of each presentation the women at each table, share their answers to a question about the presentation. Everyone provides feedback. These are called "mento-rings" and they really allow women to connect both professionally and personally.

Everyone is invited to attend the WOVI meetings. Here are some of the other speakers who will be presenting this year.

March - Karon Karter, author of “The Six-Week Bikini Countdown. Karon will share tips on how to get your best, healthy body.

“What you think is what you feel, and what you feel is what you radiate through the gift of living your best, dare I say, sexier life — and what woman wouldn’t what that?” shares Karter.

April - Jenny Hander, author of “A Place of Peace.” In her topic, “Rose Colored Glasses,” which was inspired by her young daughter’s pink prescription glasses, women will learn to see “good”—no matter what circumstances life may bring.

Women will learn three key messages through Jenny’s “Rose Colored Glasses”
Losing sight – how challenging circumstances can strike you off course
Tiring of the darkness – realizing that you want and deserve better
Seeing Clearly – learning to regain focus on your hopes and dreams

May - Mary DeMuth - Abundant Parenting

Abundant parents get an ACTIVITY adjustment.
Abundant parents learn the importance of AUTHENTICITY.
Abundant parents are alive in the moment; they are AWARE.

What's your favorite business networking group?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Media Hits!

I've had 4 amazing media hits for my client, Plano Aesthetics, this month. Four major media hits all in one month, with another segment scheduled as well. I hope I don't have a long dry spell with them after all these media hits!

Here they are...

WFAA, January 19, 2009 (ABC)
Wrinkle treatment uses no toxins

CBS11, January 14, 2000
N. Texas Doc Performing Unique Water Liposuction

WB33, January 13, 2009
Relaxed Expressions, The alternative to Botox

WB33, January 12, 2009
Water Liposuction

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Using Special Events to Draw Publicity

Back in December, the Dallas Morning News ran a story from New York Times about small businesses using creative special events to draw publicity.

This is a brilliant and cost effective marketing technique to draw business.

Here's some things the store owners who were featured are doing to attract customers:

Deborah Reese, owner of Seventh Goddess lingerie shop in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Opted not to increase her advertising budget this year for the first time since she opened the shop four years ago.
  • She's developed a new Facebook page and is encouraging employee blogs.
  • Coordinated a "Sex and the City pajama party" in which customers sat on pillows for manicures and facials.
  • Erotic poetry reading on Valentine's Day.
  • The owner says, "People who ordinarily wouldn't come, come. You just have to spring for the munchies and drinks."

The result? The parties boosted sales. Dozens of pajamas sold at the PJ event.

Mary Hughes, owner of Mary's Futons, San Rafael, Calif.

  • Coordinated a comedy show, using her futons as the seating! "An Evening of Lie-Down Comedy"

The first show sold out. So they added another show and it sold out as well.

These are brilliant and effect publicity campaigns.

Need a creative mind to brainstorm some fun events to draw customers to your place of business? Contact me at lori at lb publicrelations dot com. I'd love to help!

You can read the entire story in the Dallas Morning News here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Know You're a WAHM

Fellow WAHM, Karen Plumley, a freelance writer shared this with me.

You know you're a WAHM when...

"The kids are running around the house banging and screaming. The TV is on full blast. Husband has taken over the computer to play a video game. And you're attempting to talk with a client on the cell phone...with a weak signal...buried in the walk-in closet under a mound of clothes so you can hear. Been there, done that, many, many, many times."

Visit Karen's website.

To submit your WAHM story please contact me at lori at lbpublicrelations dot com.