Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Media Hit! Baby Sign Language

I had a wonderful media hit for my client, Peppermint Baby Boutique, on Good Morning Texas today.

My client hosts parenting classes so I pitched a segment to talk about the benefits of learning baby sign language. The segment was 8 minutes long! The sign language teacher did a great interview in the first half and then we went live with three babies in the second half! Me and my daughter actually helped out with this segment. We are thrilled that all three babies signed one word each on cue, on camera!

Click here to view the segment.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Media Hit!

My client, Peppermint, is celebrating their grand opening this Saturday. The media would never just mention a grand opening. They need more "meat" to the segment idea.

Since Peppermint will be hosting all kinds of classes, I pitched our baby sign language instructor to do a demonstration.

The producer liked the idea and this morning, Misty Felner was interviewed and taught the reporter 5 signs. Peppermint's grand opening was then announced at the end of the segment.

My family has personally benefited from learning baby sign language. We took Misty's class last summer and at one year old, my daughter knows 76 signs! There are numerous words she can't say, but she can sure sign them! It's thrilling to be able to communicate with her as well as see her pride when she is able to tell us what she wants.

You can see a listing of all of Peppermint's classes by clicking here.

Click here to see the segment on Fox.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Pitch That Took One Year

Literally one year ago, I pitched Roger Moore, photographer, as a profile piece in Dallas CEO Magazine.

The editor was interested in his story (he was a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch who left corporate life to become a photography explorer who leads photo safaris). At the time she was wrapping up the April issue.

I followed up a couple of times and she wrote back, "We are still considering Roger for future issues. We will contact you down the line if we need to set something up."

I would periodically email the editor with updates on Roger - news about photography workshops he was presenting, etc.

Then our contract with Roger expired and he was no longer a client.

In January of this year, the editor at Dallas CEO contacted me to interview Roger for a profile piece! Yeah!

So here it is! A two-page spread featuring Mr. Roger Moore. Click here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Dallas' Largest Baby Shower

I hope all my Dallas Mom-Friends will stop by the grand opening celebration for my client, Peppermint.

Peppermint Baby Boutique will feature a sling show room, parenting classes like pre/postnatal yoga, baby sign language and childbirth classes, as well as organic baby products.

We have all kinds of grand opening festivities planned. See below for details and I hope to see you on the 23rd!

Three blogs have/will posted details about this event. Dallas Child, North Texas Parents and APConnect.

I sent a release to the Richardson Neighbors and the Dallas Morning News and a photo release to the Dallas Morning News.

Saturday, February 23
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Peppermint Baby Boutique
1778 N. Plano Rd., Suite 100 in Richardson

1. A Special Sneak Preview of Ricki Lake's new movie, "The Business of Being Born"
Show times: 11:30 and 2 p.m. $5 or free with a baby item donation. The trailer for the movie is below.

2. A donation drive to support The Network of Community Ministries. Peppermint seeks donations of baby items including diapers, wipes, toiletries and baby food to support local infants in need. Come on ladies! We want to make a HUGE donation to this wonderful charity!

3. A baby fair with FREE demonstration classes such as pre/postnatal yoga, infant massage, baby sign language and sling demonstrations.

4. Peppermint Baby Mascot Contest – Guests are encouraged to get creative with dolls and/or craft supplies to create the Peppermint Baby. The top three most creative entries will win a $100 gift certificate. You could win a new sling!! I know many of you are creative! Get out those craft supplies!! Click here for more details.

Here's the trailer for "The Business of Being Born." I'm so excited to see this movie! We'll have two mid-wives at each screening to field questions about child birth. Tell all your pregnant friends!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Earning New Business with a Blog

My friend, who operates a photography business, has secured several photo shoots thanks to her blog. You can check the blog for Expression Photography by Andrea Hughes here.

While Andrea's website showcases some of her best work, it doesn't show all of her projects. That's where the blog comes in. Readers can really experience Andrea's passion for photography through her photos and comments. She posts photos from just about all of her shoots and provides inside details. One time a horse nearly ate her camera equipment when she was shooting a mother and daughter in front of a barn!

Andrea has never paid for an advertisement for her photography business but thanks to the free blog she created, clients have found her on the internet and hired her for work!

Finally, Andrea shares "industry" details about some of her photos as well. She explains things about the lighting, equipment that was used or things she did to edit the pictures. These details further establish Andrea as an expert and help to keep the phone ringing for appointments!

All photographers should have a blog. It's a wonderful medium to promote your work!