Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home is Where the Job Is Cont.

Mothering Magazine
"Home is Where the Job Is" by Laura Ulrich March April, 2009
Continued review and comments…

- The writer says it's not always easy. She's done phone interviews with her while dancing with her son in a front pack. Yes, I've worked while wearing my baby as well. One time I let me daughter unload all the shredded paper from the unplugged unit so that I could send a few emails.

- "The elements of your life get mixed together in a wonderful, messy way." Yes, my daughter likes to take my work bag and unload the business cards and pens. She carries it around on her shoulder saying, "Meeting."
Ms. Ulrich has great advice to remind WAHMs that you must "be flexible enough to roll with the surprises."

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