Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Christmas Slow Week

This has been a great week to catch up on things on my to-do list. I've made some random edits to my website, updated my taxes for 2007, and cleaned up my desk. I also transferred all the important dates to my new 2008 calendar. Yes, I still use a paper calendar with penciled-in dates.

My husband made me a really neat Christmas present this year. He framed one of my business cards with my new logo. He put it in a shadow box! It was so cute at how proud he looked as I opened the box on Christmas Eve. I'm very grateful for his support with my business.

My business was VERY blessed in 2007. I acquired three new clients. I continue to learn from the two ladies who own their own PR firms and contract work out to me. I've very grateful for my success this year.

My your business thrive in 2008!

Happy New Year!

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pilates works 4 life said...

I loved the idea your hubby created for you with the business card. how special!1