Friday, December 7, 2007

My First Airline Magazine Media Hit!

I worked on a national PR media campaign for photographer Roger Moore earlier this year. He leads photo safaris throughout the world! I appreciate the art of photography so this was a fun account for me.

I was hired to pitch travel magazines to secure media coverage for Roger and/or his scheduled safaris. Among the media list was in-flight airline magazines.

In one of my biggest media hits in my professional career, Hemispheres Magazine (December, 2007) mentioned Roger's May safari to Kenya in a side bar about the magazine's annual travel photo contest. This magazine is on board all of the United Airlines airplanes!

This is an example of studying the magazine and pitching the right editor for a certain section. The editor was impressed that I did this and didn't just send a blast email. Here's the comment she gave me, "Your email was really effective because you pitched it specifically to our UpDates section. Normally I glance at these and delete but this caught my eye because you had personalized it to Hemispheres and it is a good idea."

I'm not just sitting in my office reading magazines all day, I'm studying them to find pitching opportunities for my clients!

Here's the link to my Hemispheres Magazine media hit. Yeah!

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