Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Media Hit!

I finally cracked Dallas Child Magazine!

My client, Solare Spa and Cafe, was mentioned in the "Talk...In the Carpool Line."

This is an example of getting a media hit from studying the publication, contacting the correct editor and suggesting my release for a specific section of the magazine. It worked!

Every Thursday at Solare Spa and Cafe is "Family Night" complete with a magician for entertainment. I knew this was perfect for Dallas Child and I'm thrilled with the media hit!

Families are encouraged to slow down and reconnect during “Family Thursday” nights at Solare Spa and Café. Solare Cafe provides a healthy and affordable alternative to processed fast food.

Solare’s new dinner menu features many recipes cafe owner, Rosanne Best used to eat as a child and then served to her own daughters. Kid menu options include 3 grilled shrimp, kids tri-tip and chicken adobo, a-long time family recipe featuring a fabulous sauce of paprika, soy sauce and garlic. Children also enjoy the chumash tacos made of Indian fry bread and filled with seasoned ground turkey, romaine lettuce, tomato and cheese. Healthy sides include sweet potato fries, grilled veggies and cucumber salad. Delicious tonics (including a tonic that tastes like real root beer) are available, providing all of the flavor of sodas without all the sugar.

Entrée’s for parents are low fat and served with rosemary potatoes, sweet potato fries, grilled veggies or steamed spinach and include: Solare Signature Tenderloin, scrumptious and roasted to perfection then drizzled with a mushroom pepper sauce; grilled shrimp or seared scallops lightly seasoned with garlic and Santa Maria seasoning; Chicken Adobo which took Solare chefs 11 tries to perfect the seasoning in this long time family recipe originating from the Philippines. Popular vegetarian dishes include the Spicy Soy Chicken Burger and the Seared Tofu which is covered with grilled onions, seasoned with soy sauce and Solare’s secret seasoning. Salads and handhelds from the lunch menu are also available during the dinner hour.

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