Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Helping Clients on Live TV

There have been several occasions during my PR career that I’ve had to step in and help a client during a media event.

The most recent happened last Monday on Good Morning Texas. Kate and I had to help my babywearing client, Marni Matyus of The Sling Station and She was on the “Not So Perfect Parent” segment to provide tips for “Traveling with Children.” I wore Kate on my back in an Ergo Baby Carrier. My sister even helped us out too and wore her daughter in a Didymos Wrap.

I was so nervous. I woke up at 1 a.m. the night before and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was nervous because I didn’t want Kate to freak out on live TV and ruin the segment.

Everything turned out great! My sister’s baby slept peacefully the whole time and Kate was happy and smiling, hanging out on my back.

Click here to see the episode!

Here are two other situations where I had to help a client during a media event. When have you had to help a client? I’d love to hear your story!

Client: Deepak Chopra Center for Well Being
Media Event: Health Magazine was doing a photo shoot of Cheryl Tiegs, age 50, to showcase how well she has taken care of herself.
How I Helped: They needed an extra body to sit in on the food scene. I volunteered and photos were taken of us “pretending to eat.” It was really hard for me to pretend to eat. Cheryl did it like a pro – smiling and smelling the food as she passed the dishes along. One photo of me smelling some seasoning really did make it into the magazine!

Client: Kokopelli’s Wellness Spa and Yoga Center
Media Event: Fitness Expert Leisa Hart (Buns of Steel Workout Star) was doing a New Year’s fitness segment live from the spa.
How I Helped: While Leisa was reporting, a group of us was doing exercises in the background. I even had to do some Pilates moves while Leisa “helped me” during a tease prior to the segment.

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Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

My client UGOGRL.COM -- I've had to distribute and advertise card packs to about 50 million little cheerleaders at camp! (ok...a possible exaggeration!)
So fun. Crazy...but much fun.