Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Recommend WOVI

I've attended many networking groups. Many are clique-ish (co-workers stick together), some can be intimidating and many are very surface-level - "What do you do? Oh, that's great."

I have finally found a networking group that has truly benefited me: Woman of Visionary Influence, WOVI. I attend the Frisco Chapter that meets at Solare Spa and Cafe the 4th Monday of every month.

Here's what I love about WOVI.
  • All different kinds of women attend the meeting: from stay-at-home moms to professionals in the workforce.
  • It's within a reasonable drive for me - less than 20 minutes. No need to go downtown!
  • Since I work from home with my daughter all day, it's nice to get out and do something for me.
  • It's more of a mentoring group. Every week we have dinner and a speaker. Then, everyone is given a sheet of paper with two questions on it. After writing down your answers, everyone at your table shares their answers. In the next round, everyone at the table comments on your answers, providing insight and suggestions from their own experiences. There's a time limit to this exercise, but when you can imagine the intensity of getting women together to talk about issues. There's always "Two more minutes" pleas heard around the room when coordinators try to wrap things up.
  • For example, at the most recent meeting the theme was, "What are your struggling with right now and what can you do to overcome this?" For me it was something as simple as getting back into yoga. I miss it. I know it would help me be a better mother, wife and business owner. Sometimes I think I'll have more time when Kate goes to school, but as one mother warned, it's actually harder to do things when the kids get older. The more they get older, the more involved their own lives become, causing mom to juggle even more. The point hit home with me.
  • I was able to offer advice to a mom who wants to work from home with her own daughter. Advice to a woman who wants to start exercising and advice to a mom who has been at home for 10 years and is thinking about getting back into the workforce.
  • These exercises are called "Mento Rings" and they allow woman who have never met each other before, to build relationships, learn from each other and mentor!
  • I come away from these meetings energized and uplifted.
You can click here to learn more about WOVI and find your local chapter in the Dallas area.

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