Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blog Success Story: Dentist

I subscribe to the weekly E-Centric newsletter from Chief Marketer. You can subscribe by clicking here. I enjoy the articles about social marketing.

In this week's newsletter they featured a story by Beth Negus Viveiros called "Tooth in Advertising: Blog helps Dentist Bite into Search Rankings."

It was about a group of dentists (Comfort Dental) who receive about 5 - 8 new patients a month because those patients found them through their blog!

Here are some highlights from the article...

"It seems like every dental practice on the planet now has a Web site," says Dr. Dean Stratman, owner of Comfort Dental. "A blog was a way for us way to differentiate ourselves."

"...we saw blogs as the easiest way to get at the top of Google listings," he says. "If somebody types in 'dentist, Anderson, IN' I want to be on the first page."

The dentist are getting questions via e-mail from patients and prospective patients. "It helps them to feel like they have a relationships with us before they walk in the door."

Congrats Comfort Dental! This is a wonderful story on the power of blogging!

Click here to read the full article.

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