Saturday, March 22, 2008

Log Cabin Blogging

My family and I just spent five nights at a cabin in the towering pines of Broken Bow, OK. Log cabin owners who rent their places should have a blog. It would be such a powerful marketing tool – like an on-line guest book!

This cabin did have a traditional guest book, but all the entries sounded the same: The cabin was great….We loved the hot tub….We loved the deck…etc.

Create a questionnaire to probe their minds and really learn what they liked about the cabin and about the area. What did they do on their vacation? Let them know that their answers may be used on your blog (have them sign the form for permission to use their answers for marketing purposes). Also provide the guests with your email and encourage them to send you a vacation photo.

You’re not just renting a log cabin, you’re providing relaxation, family time and vacation memories. A blog will bring the cabin to life and will really give potential guests a sense of what it will be like to stay at your cabin.

Here are the questions I came up with and they are categories I would use to organize the blog. I also provided my answers based on my experience this past week.

What I wish I would have brought…a high chair! My daughter was walking around dropping her food on the floor. We bought a portable high chair at the Wal-Mart the very next day!

What I wish they would stock in the cabin…A first aid kit and a phone number/directions to the nearest hospital. We didn’t need either, but the idea crossed my mind. (Log cabin owners could respond/improve their cabin with these suggestions.)

Thank goodness they had…Pickles! We forgot our jar! We love pickles on our burgers!

During our stay, we really enjoyed _________ at the cabin. The hot tub! Especially after hiking.

In Broken Bow: The library – what a charming place! My daughter loved holding the baby dolls and stuffed animals they have for kids.

At the State Park: The Natural Trail Hike – It’s fairly flat and follows the river. It was very manageable with our 14-month old daughter.

Tell us about your trip. What did you see and do? Where did you go? What did you think of it all?

Tell us something funny that happend during your stay.

Then, as the cabin owner, I would blog about the following to further provide detailed information for future guests:

Things to do in Broken Bow (or whatever city your cabin is in).
Restaurants (talk about your favorite meals, don’t just give a general description.)
Broken Bow State Park Stats (or whatever area your cabin is in)
Bios of the log cabin owners
Stats about the log cabin
Reservation contact information

Need a blog for your vacation property? Contact me at lori at lbpublicrelations dot com.

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