Friday, March 14, 2008

A Brilliant and Blessed Blog Campaign

I learned about the Compassion International blogging campaign from BooMama.

I periodically read her blog – she’s hilarious!

Compassion International invited a dozen influential Christian bloggers on a trip to Uganda. The bloggers journaled their trip and wrote about Compassion at work in the lives of impoverished children and their families.

Every time I checked back onto BooMama’s blog to get an update on her journey in Africa:

I felt her love for the kids;

I felt her love for the Lord and his love for these families of Uganda.

I got to see the adorable faces of the precious children and read first hand account of their reactions to their sponsors.

I got to share in BooMama’s shock at the absolute, deplorable poverty some of these kids live in.

BooMama would post the photos of children who still needed sponsors and the next time I logged on, they had been sponsored!

I got to see BooMama evolve as a person as well. She’s not used to hiking, sleeping where monkey’s can invade your room or being away from KFC. Here’s a quote from her blog:

“Perspective. It’s a mighty good thing. And that day - in the middle of a remote Ugandan village that has no power, no running water, no telephone lines and no cable television - I found tons of it.”

According to Compassion’s website, they started the blog for “emphasis on social networking and increased communications avenues.” They wanted to “energize sponsors and donors to become active advocates for children in poverty energize sponsors and donors to become active advocates for children in poverty.”

Congratulations Compassion on such a brilliant and blessed blogging campaign!

Click here to see BooMama’s Uganda journey.

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