Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Earning New Business with a Blog

My friend, who operates a photography business, has secured several photo shoots thanks to her blog. You can check the blog for Expression Photography by Andrea Hughes here.

While Andrea's website showcases some of her best work, it doesn't show all of her projects. That's where the blog comes in. Readers can really experience Andrea's passion for photography through her photos and comments. She posts photos from just about all of her shoots and provides inside details. One time a horse nearly ate her camera equipment when she was shooting a mother and daughter in front of a barn!

Andrea has never paid for an advertisement for her photography business but thanks to the free blog she created, clients have found her on the internet and hired her for work!

Finally, Andrea shares "industry" details about some of her photos as well. She explains things about the lighting, equipment that was used or things she did to edit the pictures. These details further establish Andrea as an expert and help to keep the phone ringing for appointments!

All photographers should have a blog. It's a wonderful medium to promote your work!

1 comment:

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Lori! Thank you for the encouragement and promotion!
YES! I'm a blog believer!!