Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Organized Blogging

Keeping an organized blog will help your readers read your past posts with ease and will give them a good idea of all the topics you write about. So, here’s how to create an archive like the one I have to the right.

In the dashboard area of your blog, go to the layout section.

Add a page element

Add “labels”

Edit your labels:
Title it the way you’d like.
Suggestions: Blog Archive, Topics I write about, Past Posts
Click “Sort Alphabetically”
You can either add categories now or add them after each post.
Save all your work

Before you publish a new post, be sure to type in the labels you want to categorize the subject of your post. (It's the bar at the bottom of the post screen.) Separate them with a comma. Categories you already have written and labeled will automatically pop up.

The archive function will automatically place a copy of the blog in each of the categories you choose to organize your post. Some blogs may have one category and others may have several.

I’m trying to organize my categories in a broad range of subjects rather than every little detail I write about.

Happy organized blogging!


Pilates works for Life said...

Lori, Thank you sooooo much for that nugget. I needed something tangible right now to help me feel like I have some kind of control over what in the world I am doing!!! I can't wait to try out what you suggested. And I thank you, too, for sharing your expertise. I look forward to reading your blogs and being in touch with you. blessings!

Sandra said...

Thanks for the tip, I was wondering how to get my subjects on the ledger. I'll give it a try!

Do you know how to spell check on blogger? How about copy/paste? I can't seem to copy and paste anything outside of the post window. This problem I am having makes it unuseful to write on WORD--and requires I type out everything I may want to post.