Friday, March 16, 2012

Using Pinterest Yet? 13 Tips for Gaining Business Exposure for Your Clients

I know Pinterest will by another useful marketing tool for my clients.

Here is an article about using it for business.

From the article...

Here are some tips to get your client business exposure on Pinterest:
  1. Don’t Just Put Up a Page – Like any other social networking site, don’t just put up a page and walk away. You need to be able to curate it and put interesting pins on your page that will entice your followers. In addition, the more interesting the pin the more likely it will be repinned, which helps with search engine optimization (SEO).

  2. Update Sites Every Week – Update them at least weekly, if not daily. Otherwise people lose interest and stop coming back.

  3. Create Links Back to Your Web or Other Sites – Make it as simple as possible so that people can click on links easily and purchase or view products or services in other places.

  4. Link Pinterest With Other Social Networking Sites – By doing this, your followers on other social networking sites will know your activity on Pinterest and will be able to make more personal connections with you.

  5. Have a Daily or Weekly Theme – This will help entice your followers to keep coming back and keep piquing their interest. For instance, have a “yellow” day where everything you post on that day is the color yellow.

  6. Don’t Only Promote Your Product or Service – Be sure to promote other brands that you like. By just promoting your product or service, you are being too commercial.

  7. Follow Early Adopters – They often have an interesting perspective on new sites.

  8. Use Back Links to Take Followers to Your Web Site This will help increase your SEO and also draw attention to your Web site.

  9. Need a Focus Group? – If you are interested in a particular demographic—say, for example, people who like to sew—check out their boards on Pinterest and see what interests them. This will help you target them better.

  10. Use Keywords and Hashtags – This also improve SEO.

  11. Enable Your Community to Add – Your followers can actually add pins to your boards, which makes your Pinterest page more interactive. This also helps with SEO and the engagement of your followers.

  12. Use the Boards Creatively – You can use them for team building with your staff and you can also have a board on office things you need to purchase.

  13. Have Fun – If your pins are humorous, they will be repinned more often than those that aren’t.

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