Monday, March 8, 2010

You know you're a WAHM

Dusty Reid
Co-owner & Designer, BB&G
Baby Bouquets and Gifts
Flowers That Bloom Into Babywear

Check out this photo. It's made with one of my favorite baby products: Baby Legs! (baby leg warmers)

Dusty sent this to share:

You know you are a WAHM...
"I'm a WAHM, we all are, I know, but I also run my business from home. This is a new thing, it's only been a few months so we are still having friends over that we drag downstairs and proudly show 'the biz' to.

I make flower bouquets with silk flowers and baby clothes rolled into flowers so there are all these lovely arrangements everywhere.

Our friends dutifully ooo and ahhh over them as I excitedly pull them all out for show and tell.

Inevitably, with a 7 yr. old daughter in the house, there are many bouquets on display that SHE has made and (you know this is coming :) inevitably, our friends will point to one of HER bouquets and exclaim with feverish excitement "OOHHH, that one's gorgeous! I REALLY like that one"!!

I strongly oppose child labor but am seriously beginning to wonder if I should be increasing my daughter's allowance in return for some design work?

Maybe I should just be proud!!"

Check out the Baby Bouquet website here.

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