Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Undress for Success by Kate Lister

I haven't read this book, but saw the author quoted in the Dallas Morning News recently. Thought I'd pass along the book details.

Undress For Success:
The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home

Do you dream of working from home? Are you sick of the work-at-home scams and the miscreants who pretend to show you the way? Are you tired of the 'make money while you sleep' ads?

Undress for Success delivers a real-world, step-by-step guide to how you can earn a living as a home-based employee, freelancer, or entrepreneur.

If you're bummed out, burned out, and stressed out and eager to trade your business suit for a sweatsuit, we'll show you the way home.

This is a hands-on guide for stay-at-home parents, retiring baby-boomers, and others who want to lose the commute and live a more balanced life.

Undress for Success provides realistic, practical information about the best home-based jobs and opportunities, plus details on how to avoid the many scams that prey on the uninformed.


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