Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Know You're a WAHM

You know you’re a WAHM…

Whew! A series of events happened all at once yesterday. Things get done with a WAHM, just not in the traditional sense of working 8 – 5, behind a desk while the kids are with a care-provider.
  • I’m experiencing my first sinus infection with throbbing pain in my numb, sensitive teeth. The pain radiates up to my cheekbones, temple and ear.
  • I get a call from a colleague/client who is on vacation. She needs my emergency help to coordinate some interview questions for a reporter and the client I assist her with. I’m glad to help out.
  • I leave messages with both the reporter and client.
  • My daughter breaks out in hives for the 5th time in 3-days and the doctor says to call their office if it happens again. I call the office. They have an appointment in 45 minutes. I vow to make it.
  • I look out the garage and hubby has the truck with the car seat.
  • Get me and daughter bundled up.
  • Call fitness center and ask them to tell hubby to come home.
  • Race out the door with daughter and instructions to have reporter/client call my cell phone.
  • Have to cover the seat with a random towel in the car because of hubby’s sweat puddle.
    Make it to the doctor appointment.
  • Make it back home. In laws have arrived and let them admire the daughter while I check voicemails and emails.
  • Reporter’s deadline is immediate so I call client and get questions answered.
  • Type up responses and send them to reporter.
  • Call colleague/client who is on vacation to tell her all it well and reporter should have everything she needs to complete her story.
  • Go give daughter hugs and kisses for bed. Daddy and in-laws have done bath and book duty.

    Whew! Made it!

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