Friday, June 27, 2008

A Day in the Life of WAHM - Baby age 1.5

3:20 a.m. Alarm goes off. Even though I’m a morning person, I don’t jump right out of bed. I get up at this hour, though, to work before my daughter gets up.

3:30 a.m. I allow myself to doze for 10 minutes then get up and head downstairs.
Feed and water the cat.
Turn on computer.
Eat my morning snack while I wait for my computer to warm up: a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter.
Then I take my vitamins. I think a good multi-vitamin helps me get through my long days.

3:45 a.m. At the computer. I start my day with a quick on-line daily devotional and my Bible. I also read a page in my “The Power of a Praying Parent.”

3:50 Check my three favorite blogs and open all my email programs. (4!)

4 a.m. Officially working.
Blog for two of my clients. Blogging is a very powerful marketing tool.
Lots of writing this morning:
New product press release.
Send email questions for an article about the benefits of baby sign language.
Catalog copy.

5:30 Potty break, apply eye cream and sun screen. I keep them in the downstairs bathroom. They’d never get used if they were in the master bath.
I may only have another half hour of work to do so I get right back onto the computer.

6:45 My daughter will be waking up any minute. I make a new to-do list for the week.

7 a.m. Daughter still asleep. Make oatmeal and add walnuts, raisins and a banana. Eat it while I cruise through a couple more of my favorite blogs. I find an idea for my own blog and quickly type up my favorite things about summer. I post to my personal blog every day so that our family and friends who live across the country can get updates on our daughter.

7:15 Daughter awake
Change diaper. Get dressed
Go to mommy and daddy’s big bed. Say hi to Daddy, nurse and mommy gets dressed.

7:40 Outside to get the paper. Encourage Kate to try and ride her new bike. There are no pedals so she scoots backwards.

7:45 Breakfast for baby: A carrot muffin I made over the weekend and a bowl of bananas and blueberries.

Cut some grapes for daddy to give to baby for later when I head out for a meeting.

7:50 While baby eats breakfast, I gather supplies for our morning walk: water bottles, shoes, raisins. Quickly send my friend an email to see if she can join us.

8 a.m. Head out the door for our walk. Go right back in because I forgot to wash babies blueberry stained face.

8:07 Back in the stroller. Kate brings along, “Good Night Gorilla” and looks up at me to read along as she turns each page.

8:19 Arrive at the first park. Put my hair up in a pony tail as it’s already started to get hot. Kate wants me to sit on the wet playground equipment with her and so I do even though it will look like I wet myself.

8:38 Arrive at the second park. Take her raisins away and encourage her to go play.

8:50 Still obsessed with the raisins so I give them back to her and we head home. Walk by the farm with horses on the way home. They come right up to the fence. Make a mental note to buy some carrots.

9 a.m. Arrive at home. Daddy is up and putting the dishes away.

9:05 Quickly scan email.
Play time! Read books, nurse, look at photo albums, attempt the bike. Realize the living room floor needs vacuuming. Daddy offers to vacuum and ends up using an attachment to go along all of the baseboards. Nice!

10:30 Kate down for her nap.

10:45 Phone meeting with a potential client. We really hit it off and I promise to send her a PR proposal.

11:40 Call ends and I share the exciting conversation with hubby.

12:30 Kate taking a long nap so I take advantage and continue working.

12:40 Kate awake
Change her diaper. Take her into our room. She plays with picture flash cards while I iron my clothes for my meeting that afternoon.

1 p.m. Daddy home from the gym. We all have lunch. Chicken salad with lots of veggies for me. For baby: chicken quesadilla, black beans and corn and a veggie mix of broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and carrots.

Afternoon play. Read books, wrestle, sing. Take a few moments to post to my personal blog.

3:15 Daddy takes daughter to the pool. I get dressed for my meeting. Read through my emails which include a query service from reporters looking for experts to interview. I see one that applies to the new potential client. Type up a response, send to potential client, she loves it, send it to the writer.

4:15 p.m. Head out to the meeting. Catch up with a friend along the way. Schedule a sand box play date as well as a date to trade a photo shoot for a massage. (I need a professional portrait for my website and she needs a massage!)

4:45 p.m. Arrive at meeting. I’m on the board for Women of Visionary Influence, WOVI We plan future meetings and discuss various items.

6 p.m. Monthly WOVI meeting begins. I enjoy this mentoring group because it’s not your typical networking group. At the end of each speaking presentation, we are given a question to discuss with the woman at our table. We end up connecting with each other and providing feedback or applause with whatever we discuss that night.

8:30 Head home. Even though I’ve been up since 3:30, I always leave WOVI meetings energized.

8:55 Arrive home. Talk with hubby to get details of his afternoon with our daughter. He built sand castles and she enjoyed “crashing” them.

9:30 Check on Kate and she wakes up. That’s OK. I haven’t seen her in 6 hours. We nurse and she wants to go back to bed within a few minutes.

9:45 Wash my face.

9:50 Get into bed. Two hours past my normal bed-time. Hopefully I won’t be too tired the next day.

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Andrea "The H family" said...

Great run down. Love the play by play!