Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Catch CNN's Attention

I read this in the recent issue of The Publicity Hound Newsletter.

If you've been pitching CNN and you're getting nowhere, take matters into your own hands.

Go to the network's IReport page where you're invited to write your own story, be heard and shape what CNN covers.

"One of the goals of CNN IReport is to expand the current definition of news. Please share the stories you think are newsworthy and participate in discussions you think are interesting. CNN's producers will check out the most compelling, important and urgent stories, so we can verify the information and add them to CNN's coverage."

The stories in this section are not edited, fact-checked or screened before they post. Only ones marked "CNN IReport" have been vetted by CNN.

But if you can pique the network's interest here, where you KNOW they're paying attention, you might end up on the televised news. Be sure to stop by the assignment desk so you know exactly what kinds of sources they're seeking. Your IReport article doesn't have to tie into one of the assignments, but it helps to know what they need.

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