Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Using Special Events to Draw Publicity

Back in December, the Dallas Morning News ran a story from New York Times about small businesses using creative special events to draw publicity.

This is a brilliant and cost effective marketing technique to draw business.

Here's some things the store owners who were featured are doing to attract customers:

Deborah Reese, owner of Seventh Goddess lingerie shop in Albuquerque, NM:

  • Opted not to increase her advertising budget this year for the first time since she opened the shop four years ago.
  • She's developed a new Facebook page and is encouraging employee blogs.
  • Coordinated a "Sex and the City pajama party" in which customers sat on pillows for manicures and facials.
  • Erotic poetry reading on Valentine's Day.
  • The owner says, "People who ordinarily wouldn't come, come. You just have to spring for the munchies and drinks."

The result? The parties boosted sales. Dozens of pajamas sold at the PJ event.

Mary Hughes, owner of Mary's Futons, San Rafael, Calif.

  • Coordinated a comedy show, using her futons as the seating! "An Evening of Lie-Down Comedy"

The first show sold out. So they added another show and it sold out as well.

These are brilliant and effect publicity campaigns.

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You can read the entire story in the Dallas Morning News here.

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