Monday, August 18, 2008

Real Life Wonder Women: Mompreneurs

Traci Bisson of The Mom Entrepreneur blog and support group recently posted a six part article by Guest blogger: Christine Janssen (written with Erin Higgins), denken Research & Consulting.

“Real Life Wonder Women” is about Mompreneurs.

You can read the entire article on Traci’s Blog.

Here are some points that really stood out for me.
  • In their own right, being a new business owner and a new mother are some of the greatest challenges any woman can face. Doing both at the same time requires a certain set of skills and characteristics including lots of determination, patience, and multi-tasking. A lot of prayer helped me!
  • Today, a large percentage of new moms are highly educated, ambitious career women and want to be professionally challenged, so they are finding ways to stay connected with the business world.
  • When asked to explain a day in the life of a mompreneur, we found these women to be extremely organized and they crammed an incredible amount of tasks into each day, constantly swapping hats. Most do this methodically; seamlessly switching from “mom mode” to “work mode.”
  • ...the thrill of small accomplishments. Signing on a new client or finally grasping the ins and outs of SEO were positive reinforcements that they were moving in the right direction. Another one for me it's securing a media hit for my clients!
  • Remind yourself that most people spend their lives in jobs/careers that they absolutely despise. Be grateful that you are wise enough to follow your heart and your passion.

I am very thankful for my husband and my clients who support me in being a work-from-home-mom!

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